The Journey to this level of artistic achievement could not be undertaken without a passion for history, geography, all forms of transport, architecture and natural forms. Decades of observations have also culminated into a broad visual knowledge which forms the substance of Richard’s objective and creative work.

Starting on the launch pad of the artistic boom that was the 1960’s he travelled from the UK, through Iran & Kuwait then onto teaching art at an international school in Bombay. Arriving in Australia in the late 60’s Richard continued his teaching as well as pursuing independent illustration commissions. By 1970 he was standing on Canadian soil where he spent a number of years working as a freelance professional illustrator.

Returning to Sydney in the mid 1970’s the journey had moved into a more stable state. Richard has since made Australia his home from where he progressively explored Asia with a recent focus on traditional architecture. He is particularly interested in buildings which survive earthquakes throughout the regions stretching from the Caucasus, across the centre of the continent, and into the Far East.


The Artwork is highly informative reflecting his experiences in education where visual communication is essential. Powerful influences also came from the disciplines inherent in maintaining success through professional commitment. Throughout Richard’s migratory life he often filled sketchbooks with drawings rendered on location. His photographic memory also enables him to produce convincing imagery from imagination.

Richard has earned a living through commissions from a wide sector of the publishing, historical and educational community over the span of his professional life. He has supplied educational images, technical studies, portraits and maps to an array of publishers as well as numerous commercial assignments including those sought by well regarded institutions such as The Museum Of Sydney and The Australian National Maritime Museum.

Further endorsement of his wide range of skills is evident through Richard’s past and present affiliation with publishers such as Fitzhenry and Whiteside, Science Research Associates, Thomas Nelson, Ginn, Collier-Macmillan,  Allen and Unwin, Pergamon, Angus and Robertson, Rigby, Paul Hamlyn, Holt Rinehart & Winstom, McGraw-Hill Ryerson and School Magazine.

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Film Industry Set Painting – Specialist Map Renderings